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Monday, September 29, 2014
The October and November Vision and calendars have been added under documents.
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Administrator's Message
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First, thanks to all who gave of their time to help replace the ceiling tiles in the Social Quarters and Hallway. Brother Governor, Joseph Clevenger put together an outstanding team. A special thanks to Ron Myers who supplied the paint and labor to paint the walls of the Social Quarters. Members of Chapter 1495 have agreed to help us decorate. Thank you to Senior Regent, Paula Castleberry and Guide, Elaine Bobek.
March is a very important month for our Lodge. During March approximately 17% of our Active membership comes up for renewal. If all March expirees renew their dues, we will most likely make the Premier Lodge Award. If you have friends, associates or family members expiring in March, please encourage them to renew. If you have questions about members you have sponsored please call me.
Have you recently moved, changed your phone number or email address? If so please take the time to notify me so I can keep your Moose records accurate. You can email your current information to lodge2020@mooseunits.org (include Name and Moose ID#) or call me at (904) 264-5355. Approximately, 35% of our Active membership has inaccurate or inadequate information in LCL.net. SO PLEASE GET WITH ME AND TOGETHER WE WILL REVIEW YOUR INFORMATION AND MAKE CORRECTIONS WHERE NECESSARY.
The fees and dues for new members to join the Order at our Lodge is currently $50.00. The 1st of May dues and fees go back to $85.00. Now is the time to sign new members or re-enroll those who have dropped/terminated.

Wayne N. Harkey, Administrator
Lakeshore Lodge 2020
5051 Collins Rd
Jacksonville, Fl 32244
Ph: 904-264-5355 /Fax 904-264-3445
E-mail: lodge2020@mooseunits.org
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